What is My Boy? And Some of Its Features

What is My Boy

Hey, folks now I have come back with a new latest honored application which is a need of the gamer of nowadays. This is not the app but an emulator which is the source to play heavy and un-run able games on the androids. This is the app let’s play the game boy heavy games on the Android or the IOS devices. The main purpose of this app is to run those games on the androids, IOS devices or PC which are unable to run. So let’s come to know the basics of the app

My Boy is the name of the emulator which is the advance GBA source to run the old games of huge sizes on the ranges of broadest from mobile to tablet. This app has countless features in which the battery saver is also included. This app is not just an emulator but also a game booster in it. In the below content we will discuss features and the method to download this app in the different operators.

What is My Boy?

My Boy is the latest and fastest emulators to run the old games in the new versions of androids, PC and IOS devices. In the modern technologies, the graphics of the operators are coming of much quality. So we are unable to play the old game son the present operators like PC and androids. The solution is the duty of the My Boy which runs the old games on the different devices.  In the next piece of content, I am going to give the useful advantageous of My Boy.

Features of My Boy

My Boy GBA has countless features which are of great significance for its user e.g. the battery saver which save the battery during the emulation and also skip a long time of ads.  The most useful features of this app are given below in the bullets

  • With the help of this app, you can remove a long time of the ads and can play the game without wasting time.
  • You can save and load the game by this app which allows us to play the game from the same point later.
  • The sync with the Google option also available by which you can save the game on one device and can play the game on other devices from that point or stage.
  • My boy emulator increases the speed of the games means provides a game booster by which you can play a heavy game without hanging.
  • By this app, you can get the cheat code of the game by which you can increase the easiness of the game.
  • You can play the same game in the different devices by the interfering the friends.
  • A multiple game display profile option is available on this app by which you can create another profile for your brother or friend.

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