PPSSPP Gold iOS PPSSPP iOS for the iOS Devices 

(PPSSPP iOS for the iOS Devices) 

It is very pleasant news for the iPhone users the PPSSPP app is available for iOS devices and now you can play the PSP games on your iPhone.

Most of these type of apps is not developed for the iPhone devices but on our highly requests we have updated this page with the iOS file of this app.

In the remaining content we are going to discuss a lot about this app and iPhone. So keep reading.

What is PPSSPP iOS?

PPSSPP is the latest PSP game’s emulator which comes in the form of a launcher for the different operators to launch PSP games.

iOS is the file type extension mean the iPhonic file. This app is highest regarding PSP emulator which is very popular now a day.

This app comes in a lot of substitutes which are more than the expectation of any user.  Some of highlights listed in the bullets by me so let’s read.

Features of PPSSPP iOS

There are countless features which this app includes. This app comes in two versions are Standard and Gold.

Both versions are of great use and there are impressive features which are involved in. I have listed some highlights in the bullets

  • You can emulate games on single touch by this app.
  • The standard version of this app is available for free.
  • A save and load option is available in this app.
  • This app enhances the graphics quality.
  • You can install this app easily and use it frequently.

So, these are the features which we were discussing about the PPSSPP iOS. In the next heading I am going to tell you true about this app.

Does PPSSPP iOS Exist?

This is the  counter question which ask so many people that PPSSPP exist for the iOS devices?

PPSSPP App is available for the iPhone and the latest iPads. If you are an iOS user then you also can get this app free of cost.

This app can also be made to download and install by the new builder store. This app is fully safe and secure to install due to this builder.

Alternatives Apps to PPSSPP iOS

If you are wanting to taste some other apps for the same purpose then you can also do it. In the bullets I have describe about the alternatives to this apps.

  • Retro Arch: This is the similar app to the PPSSPP app to launch the same services on the iPhones. You can also download it for the Androids.
  • Bottlenose: Now in the days this app is best alternating app to the PPSSPP iOS to launch the PSP games on iPhone.
  • PCSP: if you don’t want to run the PPSSPP games on the iPhone then PCSP is best alternating app to the PPSSPP App.


At the end I have describe all about the PPSSPP iOS. PPSSPP App is the nest app in now a days to play the PSP games through the portable PSP device.

If you are an Android user then you can also run this app in your Android device. For more tap on the link given below


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