How to install Xmodgames iOS? (Mind Glowing App for Gaming)

How to install Xmodgames iOS? (Mind Glowing App for Gaming)

 If you are an iPhone/iPad user and want to get the same services on your device then this page is right for you. On this page, you will find the direct download links to get the iOS file of Xmodgames. You also will find the complete way to install the Xmodgames in your iOS device. So let’s start from the basics

What is Xmodgames iOS?

Xmodgames is a very popular application to skip the hard stages and unblock all the stages. This app allows its user to cheat with the game and the iOS is an iPhone version of Xmodgames.  This is a very cool app to hack any game easily.

Sometimes the new users fall a victim of boring during playing the new games. This app is just like a dose to remove all the difficulty of a game.  After reading the features of Xmodgames I am sure you will want to install this app in your iPhone.

I am going to give the proper instructed steps to download and install Xmodgames in the iPhones.

Download Xmodgames iOS

Basically, the two methods exist to install this app in the iOS devices which have given below. The first one is a .deb file process while other is jail breaker process. .deb file process is quite simple than the jail breaker. I have given both methods in the remaining content. So read and apply the method which you take easy.

Steps to install Xmodgames iOS

There are two methods added in this content to install the Xmodgames in the iOS device in the following sub-headings.

.deb file process

  • First of all, you have to download the .deb file of Xmodgames in your PC. Now download the iFunBox or iTools in your PC.
  • Install the iFunBox in your PC simply and connect your iOS device to your PC. You will find the option automatically connect the device.
  • Drag the .deb file in the Cidya menu and you will find popup of installation of Xmodgames in your device automatically.

Jailbreak Process

Jail Break is another way to install Xmodgames in your device. So apply the same steps carefully

  • Open the Cydia App install in your iPhone, click on the sources button from the pop-upped.
  • Click on the Edit button and then also click on the add button from the new dialogs.
  • After click on the Add button, you will find small pop-upped and enter the APTL/URL. (
  • You will find downloading the Xmodgames.
  • After complete downloading click n the Xmodgames and select all the packages. Now again touch on the Xmodgames to install it.
  • Cognates you have installed Xmodgames App and simply launch it.


Xmodgames is the best choice to hack any game in the Android or iOS device. If you have not read the above downloading in Androids and you want to get this app in Androids then read them once. Switch to the first content to download Xmodgames in Androids.

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