How to install QooApp in the iOS devices? (Latest Apple Store Alternative)

How to install Qoo App in the iOS devices? (Latest Apple Store Alternative)

It is very sweet news for the iOS users that you they can get the same services in their device by applying the given method. There are tons of games which are not available for the iOS devices but this app has been developed on the high requests

So let’s come to the topic and read the basics of this app firstly so that you may able to know the A B C of this app easily.

What is Qoo App iOS?

Qoo App is a very interesting application to get the apps from all over the country by changing the VPN. This app allows its user to change the VPN to the different countries to access the app of that country.

In the beginning when this app developed this app accessed only the apps of Japanese.  Now you can access the apps of the country which like by changing the VPN.

Download Qoo App iOS

Qoo App is available for different devices. In the iOS devices, you can install this app by the three following methods. The first method you can get this app by applying the jailbreak process.

If you are unable to apply the jailbreak process then the second option is the .deb file process. You can also use the .deb file process to get this app. The third simple method Is I am going to give in the below bullets.

Steps to install Qoo App iOS

Now the first step is a switch to the Apple Store and logs out the Apple ID which is already you have logged.

Now once again switch to the Apple Store. It will ask the Account now select the country Japan and full fill the requirements like email, password etc. Now you have to reboot your device to get the proper performance of the store.

After rebooting open the Apple Store and you will find the VPN changed to the Japanese. Search the Qoo App and click on the get button and then install. Now wait till the proper installation and launch the app simply.


Qoo App is a very ramose application to get the games of different countries. This is a downloader tool which works by changing the VPN to the different countries.

This app is available for a lot of devices. If you are an Android user then switch the first content to get the proper installation method to install this app.



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