How to Install GBWhatsapp Apk on the Androids Easily?

GBWhatsapp Apk

Hey, WhatsApp users! if you are looking for an application for the customization of y our WhatsApp then you are on the right page. On this page, I am going to provide your “GBWhatsapp Apk” directly.

GBWhatsapp Apk is a very popular application which is used for the several purposes of the WhatsApp. This app is a very well function application by which you can handle every aspect of your WhatsApp.

There are a lot of devices on which you can use this app. For the Android, this app was developed in the first. With the passage of time, the developers developed its files for the iOS devices and Desktops.
If we discuss the features of this app then there is a large list that we have to face.

You can use this app for locking the WhatsApp’s media or messages. The DND option is available to manage the network of your device.

In the previous post, I have described all about the basics of this app that GBWhatsapp Apk? and the latest features of GBWhatsapp Apk.

Now in this post, we are going to discuss the full method to install GBWhatsapp Apk on the Androids.

Steps to Install GBWhatsapp Apk on the Androids?

For the easiness, I have described the full process to download and install this app in the three steps.

Step 1.Enable Installation

This is a very necessary step to install GBWhatsapp Apk on your Android. This is needed because the Android’s security system doesn’t allow to install any app from the third party.

Some of you may be thinking what is a third party app. This is the app from any other source then the Google Play Store.

Following are the steps regarding this doing.

  • First of all, go to the “Settings” on your Android.
  • Now, move to the “Security” option and open it.
  • Tap on the right scroll bar and slip it down.
  • Tap on the “Unknown Sources” and switch it on.

Step 2. Download GBWhatsapp Apk

In this step, you have to download and file package of the GBWhatsapp Apk. This app is available on the other app store then the Google Play Store. If you are using any other app store like AIO Downloader then you can get it easily.

Download GBWhatsapp Apk

Step 3.Install GBWhatsapp Apk

This is the last step in which you have to install the downloaded file of GBWhatsapp Apk. Following are the steps regarding this doing.

  • Go to the “File Manager” first.
  • Tap on the “Downloads” folder.
  • Find the Downloaded file of this app.
  • Now tap on it, you will find pop-upped.
  • Tap on the next options till you find install.
  • Finally, tap on the “Install” option.


By snuffing today’s content, I want to say that GBWhatsapp Apk is a very popular application which is used for the customization of GBWhatsapp Apk. This app also supports iOS devices. Go to the previous post to get this app for the iOS devices.

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