How to install Deezloader App on Android Phones

How to install Deezloader App

Deezloader is the fantastic honored application to know the latest music and download the full album of the songs on one click. This app is very easy to install in the Android devices but the drawback is not availableness on the Google Play store. You can just download this app from the current site.

What is Deezloader?

Deezloader is a very popular music downloader for those who enjoy the music with heart and the APK is the version of Deezloader for the android devices. This package was deleted in 2016 but doesn’t worry know is available. If you want to get it then simply click on the download link on the download it.

Download Deezloader APK

Hey, folks if you want to download Deezloader APK and finding it tough then doesn’t worry I am going to provide you the complete method to download and install it. If we discuss its downloading of more than 80% people will be thinking to download this app from the Google play store. This app is not available on the Google Play store and if you find the same thing then it will not genuine. For the genuine APP download the APK file from the given link.

Download Deezloader

Steps to install Deezloader APK

  • First needed step is to download and install the Termux from the official site.
  • Open the Termux and run the command “apt update” “apt upgrade” “apt Coreutils” ”apt install nodejs”.
  • Run the Termux’s setup and allows giving permission.
  • Extract the file of Deezloader and put in the main folder in your storage of the phone.
  • Go back and navigate the commands on the folder again.
  • Now run the “Cd storage” “Cd shared” “Cd Deezloader-server” “ Node server.js”
  • Now go to the browser and open localhost: 1720 then you may able to lunch the deezloader.

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