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Gaming is a powerful source of entertainment. There are so many devices available in the market to do this so. If you have experienced the play station devices and have lost it then don’t worry to buy a new one.

On this page, I am going to give you an application by which you can play all that games on the Androids, iOS devices, and Desktops.

ePSXe iOS is the name of the app that does this and I am going to tell all about the basics and useful features of this app. So, if you are an iOS user then be attached to this page.

What is ePSXe iOS?

ePSXe iOS is an application which comes in the form of the launcher to play all PSP games on the Androids, iOS devices, and Desktops.

Here, iOS is the defining the app for iOS devices mean your iPhone/iPad. If you are play stations experienced person then you know better then what is the PSP games.

This is the basics of ePSXe iOS app. On the next outlines, we are going to discuss the features and the alternatives application to this app.

Features of ePSXe iOS

In general, ePSXe iOS comes with a lot of features along with its heavy duty. This app comes in two versions. The first one is premium while the second is Regular.

The premium version comes with a lot of features but a few are paid in it. You must have to make a purchase to launch the full services.

The Regular Version comes with some basic features. I have explained the basic features of this app in the bullets.

  • This app provides high graphics quality to play the games.
  • You can also save the battery life by getting fast emulation.
  • This app is available free of cost on our site.
  • Bug and crash free report app means you not to have to reinstall it.
  • This app provides clear sound during playing the games.

Does ePSXe iOS Exist?

After high requesting to the developers, we have got the ePSXe iOS for the iOS devices and updated this page. Tap on the link to Directly get the ePSXe iOS

Download ePSXe iOS for iOS Devices

Alternatives to the ePSXe iOS

There are a lot of emulators available in market alternating the ePSXe iOS. You can also try one from the given

  • RetroArch: This app is the best option for the fast emulation of PSP games.
  • OpenEmu:  You can boost up your device by using this app during playing the games.
  • Happy Chick: This app is available for the multiple operators and is the best emulator.


By going to the terminal outline, I want to say that ePSXe iOS is the best gaming assistance. This app provides so many features to the users. if you are an Android user then let us go to the next page to learn How to download and install ePSXe Apk?

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