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Whatsapp iOS

Hey friends! if you are looking for an application “GBWhatsapp iOS” then you have landed on the right page. Where I am going to tell you all about this app. You will also find the links to download it directly.

GBWhatsapp iOS is a very popular application used as assistance tot he WhatsApp. As in the present days, the use of WhatsApp is needed part of communication. So there are a lot of tools available to customize it.

This app supports many operators. If you are an Android user then you can launch its all services free of cost. For the iOS devices, this app is also available.

Now as you know the WhatsApp is on the desktop so hence you also can use this app from on the desktops.

During developing this app the developers put countless features in it. You can use it for the customization of themes in WhatsApp.

On the previous post, we have discussed all this app but for the Androids. Tap on the links to move on the previous page.

Now we are going to discuss all the basics and some new features of GBWhatsapp iOS. So be with us to know.

What is GBWhatsapp iOS?

GBWhatsapp iOS is a very popular tool which is mostly used for the customization of WhatsApp. Here the iOS id file extension which represents that this file is for the iOS devices.

This app supports multiple operators including the Androids, iOS devices, and desktops. In the coming outline, we are going to discuss the features of this app for the iOS devices.

Features of GBWhatsapp iOS

GBWhatsapp iOS is a very beneficial application for WhatsApp users. If you are afraid to use the WhatsApp with your way then this is the time to do this. I have listed a few features of this app in the bullets.

  • You can set a password to any aspect of WhatsApp by this app.
  • This app provides an on-screen camera for capturing video calls.
  • Here is the DND option for managing the network for the WhatsApp.
  • You can set media player of your own choice for WhatsApp media.

Does GBWhatsapp iOS Exist?

GBWhatsapp iOS is available on the iOS build and there is no need to use any jailbreak or .deb file process to install it. Tap on the link to get it now.

Download GBWhatsapp iOS

Alternatives to the GBWhatsapp iOS

If you do not agree with the terms of GBWhatsapp iOS then you can also try anyone app from the given alternatives.

  • Tox: This app is best if you want to communicate fastly.
  • Single: You can customize your WhatsApp by this app easily.
  • Telegram: This is also an alternate app for GBWhatsapp iOS.


At last, we have discussed all the GBWhatsapp iOS. This is a very beneficial application and you can use it on Androids. Go to the next page.

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