Download Bcmon App Apk (Let’s Connect the neighbor’s Wifi )

Download Bcmon App Apk (Let's Connect the neighbor's Wifi )

Bcmon app is a very popular application to manage the bundles/packets of the data easily. This app is used on the professional level to monitoring the network by the warless.

This is a very lite app but along with you also have to install two other apps which are the frame rooter and the river Android.

These apps are required to get the Bcmon app. This app is quite difficult for the new people but you have no need to worry about it.

I have explained each step to get this app in this content. This app is quite difficult to use for new users.

In this content, I have explained all the steps that how to use this app for the different purposes. So let’s come to the topic and learn that how to download and install this app in the Androids.

Details about Bcmon App Apk

After reading the features of this app in the above content I am sure that you will be thinking to get this app impatiently but this app requires some abilities in the operator which are given in the below series. Read them to estimate your device better.

  • Name: Bcmon App
  • Last update: 11 April 2018
  • Required Ram:  2.6+
  • Required Ram: 1 GB +
  • Root: Root is required
  • Version: V1.7.2
  • Price: Free of cost
  • Official site: XDA

These were a few requirements that a hopeful person should keep in his mind. This app can work properly in these requirements.

Download Bcmon App Apk

Bcmon app is not a local application which can be made to download and install easily. This app requires two other apps to work properly in your device.

This app is an application of hacking which is based on the basis of flaw. So if you are an Android user than

I am sure you will be thinking to get this app from the Google Play Store while on the other side the Google Play Store doesn’t allow this app. So the official site is just a single way to get this app easily free of cost.

Features of Bcmon App Apk

As in the above content I have given a lot of features of Bcmon app. There were a few features remaining which I have no described in the above content. So read the features which are listed in the bullets.

  • By this app, you can manage the network if you are the Wi-Fi owner. You can check the users of the present time on your network.
  • You can hack the Wi-Fi of your neighbor or your friend by this app in a very secure way.
  • This app is available on the XDA which is the official site of Bcmon app free of cost.
  • This app supports different operators including the PC, iOS devices and Androids.
  • There are a lot of features of this app exist. To know them install this app in your android by the given steps in the next heading.

How to install Bcmon App Apk?

First of you have to download the apk file of the apps, Bcmon, Frame Rooter, River Android from their official sites. After download, all the apps switch on the unknown resources button from the settings.

First of all, install the (RFA) River Android app in your device and then install the Bcmon app after allowing the frame router to root your device.

Once this app installed try to run it. If you are unable to run it tries again till at this app run in your device.

After running this app, now select the WPS and click on the test monitoring to root better your Android. Now both apps are installed in your device and working properly so congrats on it.

If you are still confused then switch to the next content to get more information.

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